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NO Data Generator
1 Is the PkPG2116+ data generator able to generate arbitrary waveforms?
2 Is either the PkPG2116+ or the PG2050 data generator able to output any voltage level?
3 Is it possible to cascade 2 or more PG2050s or to cascade 2 or more PkPG2116+s?
4 Why is the “Convert-to-waveform” function not working in Win7 or Win8?
1 Does the TravelScope DSO support the current probe?
2 Is the TravelScope able to record long time waveforms?
3 What are the specifications for the 2 probes in the TravelScope package?
4 What frequency should be fed into the TravelScope clock input (CLK-IN)?
5 What is the maximum input voltage for the TravelScope?
NO Logic Analyzer
1 How can I find the reason that causes my system-under-development shutdown?
2 Is it possible to trigger the TravelLogic by a DSO?
3 Is it possible to move the Trigger (T) cursor under the transitional storage mode?
4 Is it possible to add self-edited IC data if there is no identical IC model in the Serial Flash decode?
5 Is the TravelLogic able to measure the differential signals?
6 What do the 200M-36 or 200M-18 mean in the hardware settings?
7 What is the maximum speed of the DUT signal that the TL2236B+ TravelLogic is able to measure?
8 What is the maximum input voltage for the TravelLogic?
9 What is the lowest voltage that the TravelLogic is able to measure?
10 What is the difference between the TL2236B+ and the TL2236B?
NO Others
1 The Acute USB 3.0 device driver software was not successfully installed.
2 How to install the Acute USB2.0 Driver in Windows Server?