Acute Technology Inc. supports STM32 24-hour Hackathon Competition


STM32 Summit and Fans Carnival 2021 was held on 4/28-4/29 at Shenzhen InterContinental Hotel. 
Acute Technology Inc. supports STM32 24-hour Hackathon Competition.

The Hackathon 24-hour challenge live broadcast is the industry's first reality show embedded system development. There are 10 teams of electronic engineers across the country voluntarily signed up to participate in the development based on STM32 microcontrollers within 24 hours. The topic of the competition is "open application design". 

Acute Technology Inc. provided participants the oscilloscope and MSO 3-in-1 analyzer to help them complete Hackathon competition. About the instruments, the oscilloscope is mainly used for the verification of some input and output signals that helps the participants solve development problems. Acute MSO series supports more than 90 kinds of bus interfaces, which can easily do some data analysis on the chip interface.

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More Information:

2-in-1 Analyzer (Protocol & Logic) :

MSO (Mix Signal Oscilloscope):


Differential Probe :
.Differential Probe

Data Generator :
.Data Generator