Acute Technology Inc. successfully exhibited at the Embedded World 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany during June 06/21~06/23


The EW exhibition was suspended last year due to the Covid epidemic and eventually held during 06/21~06/23 this year, 3 months later than normal schedules in previous years.  The number of exhibitors is much less than before.   However, the visitors outnumber expectations due to the unblocking of the epidemic.  During the exhibition, many engineers (software, firmware, or hardware) from more than 20 countries showed their interests in our products.  Visitors are from Germany, the host country, neighboring countries of France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, U.K., Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Romania, and even far away such as Armenia, Israel, India, U.S.A.  The product that draws most attention is our new MSO3124H 6-in-1 instrument, which will be launched by June this year.  It is a DAQ, DSO, DVM, frequency counter, logic analyzer and protocol analyzer. The DSO has 4 channels, 1GS/s S/R,  200MHz B/W; the logic analyzer has 16 channels, 2GS/s timing analysis, 250MHz active probe for state analysis, and supports more than 100+ protocol decodes.  Also, MSO3000 supports Windows now and will supports Mac and Linux OS by year end.   Acute will keep providing better solutions and service to users of our products.

DAQ, DSO, DVM, Frequency Counter, Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer
• PC-based, USB3.0 interface / Type C power
• Record length : 512 Mpts (Analog)/ 4 Gpts (Digital)
• Data Logger (HDD/ SSD Storage)
• DSO : 4 CH (4 sets cascaded to 16 CH), 1 GS/s S/R, 200 MHz bandwidth
• DVM : 3 bits
• Frequency counter : 5 bits
• Logic analyzer : 16 CH, 2 GS/s Timing / 250MHz State Analysis
• Protocol analyzer : CAN FD, eSPI, MIPI I3C,… (20+)
Acute MSO3000Stack Mode
Acute Stack Mode MSO3K


Acute EW2022 1 Acute EW2022 2
Acute EW2022 3 Acute EW2022 4

More Information:

2-in-1 Analyzer (Protocol & Logic) :

MSO (Mix Signal Oscilloscope):


Differential Probe :
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Data Generator :
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