Acute Technology Inc. (Acute) announced the MiniLED trigger and decode for its logic analyzer models

MiniLED and MicroLED have become more and more accepted by makers of smart phones, laptops, TVs to incorporate into their latest products because they are thinner, lighter, brighter, cheaper compared to the OLED display.

Acute Technology Inc. (Acute) just released the MiniLED/MicroLED triggers and decodes for most of its logic analyzers to meet strong demands from customers to debug the MiniLED and MicroLED. The supporting models included BusFinder, LA3000+, and TL3000B series. 

 LA3000+ pdf link

.PC-based, 68 channels, 32Gb RAM
.2.4GHz Timing Analysis / 300MHz State Analysis
.Logic, State, Protocol triggers
.Stackable with a DSO to form an MSO

 BF7264B pdf link

.Base unit as a 64 channels logic analyzer
.32Gb total memory as buffer for protocol analyzer
.Protocol analyzer options: eMMC 5.1, MIPI D-PHY 1.2, NAND Flash, SD 3.0 SDIO 3.0), SD 4.1 (UHS-II)

 TL3000 B series pdf link

.PC-based, USB 3.0 interface
.2 GHz Timing (Max.) / 250MHz State Analysis
.8Gb Memory (Max.)

Mini/Micro LED Bus decode Settings ↓logic analyzers MiniLED Deocder news 20200505

Mini/Micro LED Trigger Settings ↓
logic analyzers MiniLED Tirgger news 20200505
Mini/Micro LED result ↓
logic analyzers MiniLED result news 20200505

2-in-1 Analyzer (Protocol & Logic) Information:

DSO Information:

Differential Probe Information:
.Differential Probe

Data Generator Information:
.Data Generator