External DSO Stack Support List

External DSO Stack Support List

Brand Model Interface
Acute TravelScope: TS2202E, TS2212E, TS2212A, TS2202F, TS2212F, TS2212B, TS2212H
DS-1000 series: DS-1002, DS-1102, DS-1202, DS-1302
USB interface
Gwinstek GDS-1062A, GDS-1102A, GDS-1152A
GDS-2062, GDS-2064, GDS-2102, GDS-2104, GDS-2202, GDS-2204
GDS 3152, GDS 3154, GDS 3252, GDS3254, GDS 3352, GDS 3354
USB interface
Need to install GW USB driver
HAMEG HMO3032, HMO3034, HMO3042, HMO3044, HMO3052, HMO3054
HMO2022, HMO2024
Interface USB / TCPIP
Need to install NI-VISA software

DSO5054A, DSO5052A, DSO5034A, DSO5032A, DSO5014A, DSO5012A,
DSO6012A, DSO6014A, DSO6032A, DSO6034A, DSO6052A, DSO6054A, DSO6102A, DSO6104A

MSO6012A, MSO6014A, MSO6032A, MSO6034A, MSO6052A, MSO6054A, MSO6102A, MSO6104A

DSO6014L, DSO6054L, DSO6104L
DSO7012A, DSO7014A, DSO7032A, DSO7034A, DSO7052A, DSO7054A, DSO7104A

MSO7012A, MSO7014A, MSO7032A, MSO7034A, MSO7052A, MSO7054A, MSO7104A

DSO-X 3012A, DSO-X 3032A, DSO-X 3052A, DSO-X 3014A, DSO-X 3024A, DSO-X 3034A,
DSO-X 3054A

MSO-X 3012A, MSO-X 3032A, MSO-X 3052A, MSO-X 3014A, MSO-X 3024A, MSO-X 3034A,
MSO-X 3054A

DSO-X 2002A, DSO-X 2004A, DSO-X 2012A, DSO-X 2014A, DSO-X 2022A, DSO-X 2024A

DSO-X 3012T, DSO-X 3032T, DSO-X 3102T, DSO-X 3014T, DSO-X 3024T, DSO-X 3034T,
DSO-X 3054T, DSO-X 3104T

MSO-X 2002A, MSO-X 2004A, MSO-X 2012A, MSO-X 2014A, MSO-X 2022A, MSO-X 2024A

MSO-X 3012T, MSO-X 3032T, MSO-X 3052T, MSO-X 3102T, MSO-X 3014T, MSO-X 3024T,
MSO-X 3034T, MSO-X 3054T, MSO-X 3104T

DSO1024A, DSO1022A, DSO1014A, DSO1012A, DSO1004A, DSO1002A,
DSO7012B, DSO7014B, DSO7032B, DSO7034B, DSO7052B, DSO7054B, DSO7104B

MSO7012B, MSO7014B, MSO7032B, MSO7034B, MSO7052B, MSO7054B, MSO7104B

DSO9404A, MSO9404A, DSO9254A, MSO9254A, DSO9104A, MSO9104A, DSO9064A, MSO9064A

DSO-X 4022A, DSO-X 4024A, DSO-X 4032A, DSO-X 4034A, DSO-X 4052A, DSO-X 4054A,
DSO-X 4104A, DSO-X 4154A

MSO-X 4022A, MSO-X 4024A, MSO-X 4032A, MSO-X 4034A, MSO-X 4052A,
MSO-X 4054A, MSO-X 4104A, MSO-X 4154A

DSO-X 6002A, DSO-X 6004A

MSO-X 6002A, MSO-X 6004A





USB, TCPIP interface
Need to install AgilentVISA
LeCroy WaveRunner Series:
WaveRunner 44Xi, WaveRunner 64Xi, WaveRunner 62Xi, WaveRunner 104Xi,
WaveRunner 204Xi, WaveRunner 44Xi-A, WaveRunner 62Xi-A, WaveRunner 64Xi-A,
WaveRunner 104Xi-A, WaveRunner 204Xi-A, WaveRunner 44MXi, WaveRunner 64MXi,
WaveRunner 104MXi, WaveRunner 204MXi, WaveRunner 44MXi-A,
WaveRunner 64MXi-A,
WaveRunner 104MXi-A, WaveRunner 204MXi-A, WaveRunner 6030A,
WaveRunner 6050A,
WaveRunner 6051A, WaveRunner 6100A, WaveRunner 6200A, WaveRunner 604Zi,
WaveRunner 606Zi, WaveRunner 610Zi, WaveRunner 620Zi, WaveRunner 625Zi,
WaveRunner 640Zi, WaveRunner HRO 64Zi, WaveRunner HRO 66Zi

WaveSurfer Series:
WaveSurfer 24Xs, WaveSurfer 42Xs, WaveSurfer 44Xs, WaveSurfer 62Xs,
WaveSurfer 64Xs, WaveSurfer 104Xs, WaveSurfer 24MXs-B, WaveSurfer 42MXs-B,
WaveSurfer 44MXs-B, WaveSurfer 62MXs-B, WaveSurfer 64MXs-B,
WaveSurfer 104MXs-B,
WaveSurfer 422,WaveSurfer 424, WaveSurfer 432, WaveSurfer 452, WaveSurfer 434,
WaveSurfer 454,
WaveSurfer 24Xs-A, WaveSurfer 44Xs-A, WaveSurfer 42Xs-A, WaveSurfer 64Xs-A,
WaveSurfer 62Xs-A, WaveSurfer 104Xs-A, WaveSurfer 24MX-A, WaveSurfer 44MX-A,
WaveSurfer 42MX-A, WaveSurfer 64MX-A, WaveSurfer 62MX-A, WaveSurfer 104MX-A,
MSO 44MXs-B, MSO 64MXs-B, MSO 104MXs-B

HDO4000 Series:
HDO4022, HDO4024, HDO4032, HDO4034, HDO4054, HDO4104, HDO4022-MS,
HDO4024-MS, HDO4032-MS, HDO4034-MS, HDO4054-MS, HDO4104-MS

HDO6000 Series:
HDO6034, HDO6054, HDO6104, HDO6034-MS, HDO6054-MS, HDO6104-MS

SDA/DDA 8 Zi-A Series:
SDA804Zi-A, SDA806Zi-A, SDA808Zi-A, SDA813Zi-A, SDA816Zi-A, SDA820Zi-A, SDA825Zi-A,
SDA830Zi-A, SDA845Zi-A, DDA808Zi-A, DDA820Zi-A, DDA830Zi-A
USB, TCPIP interface
Need to install NI-VISA software
Rohde & Schwarz RTO1002, RTO1004, RTO1012, RTO1014, RTO1022, RTO1024, RTO1044

RTE1022, RTE1024, RTE1032, RTE1034, RTE1052, RTE1054
RTE1102, RTE1104, RTE1152, RTE1154, RTE1202, RTE1204

RTO2002, RTO2004, RTO2012, RTO2014, RTO2022, RTO2024
RTO2032, RTO2034, RTO2044, RTO2064, RTO64
TCPIP interface
Need to install NI-VISA software

TDS1001B, TDS1002B, TDS1012B,TDS2002B, TDS2004B, TDS2012B, TDS2014B,
TDS2022B, TDS2024B, TDS3012, TDS3014, TDS3032, TDS3034, TDS3052, TDS3054,
TDS3012B, TDS3014B, TDS3032B, TDS3034B, TDS3052B, TDS3054B, TDS3012C,
TDS3014C, TDS3032C, TDS3034C, TDS3052C, TDS3054C
DPO2012, DPO2014, DPO2024, MSO2012, MSO2014, MSO2024
DPO3012, DPO3014, DPO3032, DPO3034, DPO3052, DPO3054,
MSO3012, MSO3014, MSO3032, MSO3034, MSO3052, MSO3054
DPO4032, DPO4034, DPO4054, DPO4104, DPO4034B, DPO4054B, DPO4104B,
MSO4032, MSO4034, MSO4054, MSO4104, MSO4034B, MSO4054B, MSO4104B,
TDS5104, TDS5034, TDS5054, TDS5104B, TDS5034B, TDS5054B,
DPO5034, DPO5054, DPO5104, DPO5204,
MSO5034, MSO5054, MSO5104, MSO5204,
DPO7054, DPO7104, DPO7254, DPO7354,
MDO3012, MDO3014, MDO3022, MDO3024, MDO3032, MDO3034, MDO3052, MDO3054,
MDO3102, MDO3104, MDO4054, MDO4104
TDS1012C, TDS1002C, TDS1001C
TDS7054, TDS7104, TDS7154, TDS7254, TDS7404
DPO7054C, DPO7104C, DPO7254C, DPO7354C
DPO72004B, DPO71604B, DPO71254B, DPO70804B, DPO70604B, DPO70404B
DPO72004, DPO71604, DPO71254, DPO70804, DPO70604, DPO70404
DSA72004B, DSA71604B, DSA71254B, DSA70804B, DSA70604B, DSA70404B
DSA72004, DSA71604, DSA71254, DSA70804, DSA70604, DSA70404

TDS2001C, TDS2002C, TDS2004C, TDS2012C, TDS2014C, TDS2022C, TDS2024C

MDO32, MDO34, MSO54, MSO56, MSO58, MSO64

MDO4014B-3, MDO4034B-3, MDO4054B-3,
MDO4054B-6, MDO4104B-3, MDO4104B-6
MDO4024C, MDO4034C, MDO4054C, MDO4104C

USB, TCPIP interface
Need to install tekVISA