TravelLogic (Logic Analyzer)

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TravelLogic (Logic Analyzer)

  • PC-based
  • USB3.0 interface
  • 34 channels
  • 2 GHz Timing / 250MHz State Analysis
  • 8Gb Memory (Max.)
  • Stacks with Acute or another DSO to form as an MSO
  • For Digital & Analog signal measurement : MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope)


TL4000 series Model Channels Sample Rate Memory Bus Trigger Protocol Analyzer
TL3K E TL4134E  34 2GHz 4Gb  I  I
TL3K B TL4134B  34 2GHz 4Gb  I, II  I, II
TL4234B  34 2GHz 8Gb  I, II, III  I, II, III

Bus Trigger I  : BiSS-C, CAN2.0B/CAN FD, DP_Aux, HID over I2C, I2C, I2S, LIN2.2, MIPI I3C 1.1, SPI, UART (RS232), USB PD 3.0

Bus Trigger II : DALI, LPC, Mini/Micro LED, PMBus, Profibus, SMBus, SVI2, USB1.1, ...

Bus Trigger III : eMMC 4.5, eSPI, MII, RGMII, RMII, NAND Flash, SD 3.0 (SDIO 2.0), ...

Protocol Analyzer I  : BiSS-C, CAN2.0B/CAN FD, DP_Aux, HID over I2C, I2C, I2S, LIN2.2, MIPI I3C 1.1, SPI, UART (RS232), USB PD 3.0

Protocol Analyzer II : DALI, Mini/Micro LED, Profibus, SMBus, SVI2, USB1.1, ...

Protocol Analyzer III : eSPI, MII, RGMII, RMII, ...

Bus Decode : CAN 2.0B/CAN FD, DP_Aux, eMMC 5.0, eSPI, I2C, I2S, MIPI DSI LP, MIPI I3C 1.1, NAND Flash, Profibus, SD 3.0 (SDIO 2.0), SPI, UART (RS232), ... 90+


TravelLogic 4000 series is an upgrade version of TL2000/TL3000. It has improved the memory size and channel counts. And it contains Logic Analyzer Mode and Protocol Analyzer Mode for bus analysis and decodes.

  • Logic Analyzer(LA) Mode
    Capture digital waveforms and support bus decodes. Able to stack with a DSO to form as an MSO.

    LA Storage Mode:

    Storage mode
    Long Time Record: Transitional Storage VS Compressed Storage
    For signal capture and analysis, usually require to record the signal for a long time. If the data is stored in a compressed way, it will cause your software to lag or even stop functioning when decompressing the data after it is sent back to the computer. Because PC memory size might insufficient for decompressed data size. To satisfy the requirement of smooth software operation and long-term recording without missing any data, the storage method adopted by the Acute analyzer is transitional storage rather than compression. After returning to the PC software, it doesn't need to do the decompression. The decoded results can be displayed while the analysis is finished. 

    Compressed en
    Transition en

    Software Main Window: LA MODE
    Trigger Settings Window:
    Multiple Protocols Analysis Simultaneously:
    Ex: I2C + USB PD3.0
    TL4000 Stack With Other Vendors of Oscilloscope:
    (*Support DSO)SMBUS External DSO
    Stack DSO 1 Stack DSO 2

    Add Notes & Pictures in WaveformNote

  • Protocol Analyzer(PA) Mode
    It is hardware decoding, may log protocol data very long time if without waveforms.
    Application timing: Preliminary protocol debug.

    PA Storage Mode:
    PA Storage Type

    Software Main Window


  • Memory & Storage: 
    • Discontinued Acute Logic Analyzer VS TravelLogic 4000 seriesDevice Memory


  • Channel Counts In Different Sample Rate:
    • TravelLogic 3000 series VS TravelLogic 4000 series :
      Normal Storage Channel Counts Transitional Storage Channel Counts
      Normal Mode Transitional Mode


  • Comparison of TravelLogic series:Compare TL* TL2000 series & TL3000 series is discontinued products. 

  • Comparison of Acute TL4000 series and MSO2000 seriesTL MSO Compare

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