MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope)

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MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope)

3-in-1 Analyzer : Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, Simple DSO
• PC-based, USB3.0 interface
• 8 / 16 Channels
  (display digital and analog waveforms of the same channel)
• Digital Inputs : 2 GHz Timing, 200MHz State Analysis (Max.)
• Analog Inputs : 200 MS/s (Max.), Bandwidth 40 MHz
• 8 Gb Memory (Max.)
• PC RAM storage for streaming mode
• Utility model patent of Taiwan number M601827

MSO series Model Channels Sample Rate Memory Bus Trigger/
Protocol Analyzer
Power Sequence Cascade for
more channels
Mixed Signal Oscilloscope W MSO2008W  8 2GHz 2 Gb  I -
MSO2116W  16 2GHz 4Gb I, II -
 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope B MSO2116B  16 2GHz 4Gb I, II, III -
MSO2216B  16 2GHz  8Gb  I, II, III, IV  Yes  -
MSO2216B+  16 2GHz 8Gb I, II, III, IV Yes  Yes

Bus Decode : BiSS-C, CAN 2.0B/CAN FD, DP_Aux, eSPI, I²C, I²S, I3C, MII, Serial Flash, SPI, SVID,UART (RS232), USB PD 3.0, USB1.1, ... (90+)

Bus Trigger I : I2C
Bus Trigger II : CAN 2.0B/CAN FD, LIN2.2, SPI, UART (RS232)
Bus Trigger III : BiSS-C, DALI, DP_Aux, I3C, LPC, Modbus, PMBus, Profibus, SMBus, SVI2, USB1.1,...
Bus Trigger IV : eMMC 4.5, eSPI, MII, RGMII, RMII, SD 2.0 (SDIO 2.0), Serial Flash (SPI NAND), SVID

Protocol Analyzer I : I2C
Protocol Analyzer II : CAN 2.0B/CAN FD, LIN2.2, SPI, UART (RS232)
Protocol Analyzer III : BiSS-C, DALI, DP_Aux, I3C, MIPI RFFE, Modbus, Profibus, SMBus, USB1.1,...
Protocol Analyzer IV : eSPI, MII, RGMII, RMII, SVID

Protocol Analyzer
It is hardware decoding, may log protocol data very long time if without waveforms.
Application timing: Preliminary protocol debug.
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Logic Analyzer
Built-in DSO to capture analog waveforms to compare with the digital waveforms.

Acute MSO Simple DSO en
Acute LA Storage mode en

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Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Software Window

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