MIPI Soundwire

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MIPI Soundwire

  • Acute products support MIPI Soundwire Bus Decode
  • Upcoming Features: Protocol Analyzer Mode, Protocol Packet Trigger

Soundwire Analyzer

Soundwire is a hardware interface and transport protocol developed by MIPI. It provides an expandable, simple, low-power, low-latency, dual-lead (clock and data) bus that can be used to transfer multiple audio streams such as amplifiers and microphones and embedded control commands.

Max Clock Rate:12.288MHz

Soundwire Settings
Soundwire 01
Soundwire 02

Soundwire 03

Soundwire 04
A Data Port is a subset of a Device that is either a source or sink of one Payload Stream on the SoundWire bus. Data Ports provide an abstraction of a Payload Stream being divided into one or more channels which, in the audio application space will correspond to individual audio channels.
Soundwire 05
CSV File:
Soundwire 06* [PayLoad] is the keyword to start reading settings and ; is the end of the settings
* The sample file (Soundwire_DP.csv) will be stored in your working directory

Control Word + Report (Control Word & Payload)
Soundwire 07

Audio Display + Report (Control Word & Payload)
Soundwire 08