DisplayPort (DP_Aux)

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DisplayPort (DP_Aux)

DisplayPort (DP_Aux) Digital Visual Interface

The DP Aux Ch is to detect the link, configuration, and status of the Display Port source. The Display Port is the digital display interface that is specified in the VESA standard.

– TravelBus series supports DP-Aux without an additional DP-Aux adapter
– Buy DP_Aux adapter from Acute

The TB2016 series has a differential signal input, which can correctly measure the DP_AUX channel, and has a complete DPCD bit resolution, shortening the debug time, and stacking the oscilloscope while watching analog and digital signals.

DSO waveform: Not suitable for general Logic Analyzer measurement.
DP Aux 01DP Aux 02
TB2016 analyzer Diagram:
DP Aux 03
TravelBus 2000 series :
DP Aux 04 TB2016Measuring DP_Aux with TravelBus(TB2000 series)
DPAUX TB2KTravelBus Pin Define:

DP_Aux Differential signal adaptor
DisplayPort Connector 2


Acute logic analyzers with DP_Aux adapter (MSO for example) :

DPAux MSOAdapter

Cascade multiple DPAux adapters:

DPAux Cascade
 To measure DP_Aux & CC Pin from USB Type-C, USB Type-C adaptor can be bought from Acute.

 USB Type-C adaptor( Include DP_AUX & USB-PD ): 
 1. Specification
 2. Solution for USB-PD