Power Management Protocols

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Power Management Protocols

  • Every Acute product supports SMBus, PMBus, etc. Decode / Trigger / Protocol Analysis.
  • TravelLogicMSOLA3KBusFinder support Intel SVID, etc. Decode / Trigger / Protocol Analysis
    (Depends on the model)
  • For Intel SVID protocol analysis, please contact:service@acute.com.tw

Power Management Protocols Analysis

Regardless of whether it is a computer, mobile phone, or other electronic products, if you want to achieve energy-saving and long-term effects, power control and deployment are necessary, so Acute products provide a variety of power management-related bus analysis functions. For example: Intel SVID[1][2], PMBus, SMBus,  etc. In particular, Acute MSO can not only record the bus data but also record the voltage rise/fall process such as Vcc at the same time, which is very convenient for debugging.

*[1]SVID is Intel confidential. For SVID information or spec. , please contact Intel.
*[2]For Intel SVID version software,  please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Measuring Power Management Protocol With Acute MSO:

  • MSO Measuring Features:
    1. Digital and analog channels can be enabled at the same time through the same pin.
    2. MSO contains16 channels. You can select the multiple protocols to be measured.

    Example: PMBUS (SCK: CH0, SDA: CH1)(Digital) + Vcc (CH2)(Analog)
    Power Management


  • MSO VS TravelLogic 4000: 
    TL MSO Compare