16CH~128CH Power Sequence Validation

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16CH~128CH Power Sequence Validation

  • Power sequence measurement :
    – Single MSO contains 16-Ch Analog Channel ( Depends on the model )
    – Support Html Format Report(With waveform screenshot)

Power Sequence Solution

Measure the timing relationship between the power signals and the specified output voltage. Acute provide standardized equipment, test tables, output reports, etc., to make the operation process simple and reliable.

Common use:
– PC, NB, Server, Cloud system
– MCU, Such as smartphone, tablet, carputer and various of consumer electronics etc.
– Power On/Off
– Standby, Sleep, Wake up

This function can load a CSV file containing parameters and measurement items. MSO will adjust the parameters, channel name and measurement category according to the CSV file.

Recommended products:
– Acute MSO2216B

Example for 32 CH notebook power sequence:
– Cascade 2 MSO2216B for 32 Channel

Power Sequence Screenshot:
Acute power seq
Html Report Settings:Html Settings 1

Html Settings 3

User Advanced Settings for Html Report CSV File:
Html Settings 21. [ReportTitle]: Html report title name

2. [UserInput]: Html report user info format:
 For Excel: ”……”(in Excel)
 For Other Text Editor: “””……”””

3. [AllWaveform.Enable]: Enable to create waveform. (True = Enable, False = Disable)

4. [AllWaveform.RefWaveformCenter]: Ref. center position for drawing.
Format: TriggerPosition, Spec. name in timing sequence CSV settings.

5. [AllWaveform.DrawTimeRange]:
Format: Begin, End or time format (s, ms, us, ns, ps) with numbers (Ex: 100ms)
1st parameter = Extend to the left from the Ref. center.
2nd parameter = Extend to the Right from the Ref. center.

6. [AllWaveform.DrawSize]: Image Size
1st parameter: Picture width (0 < width < 3000)
2nd parameter: Picture height for each channel (0 < height < 200)

7. [AllWaveform.ShowSelectLabel]:
1st parameter: Select Label Name. (#Default -> For other labels which not included in the csv file)
2nd parameter: True/False(True = Show / False = Hide )

8. [TestItem.DrawTimeRange]:
1st parameter: Spec Name (#Default -> For other labels which not included in the csv file)
2nd parameter: Extend to the left from the CHA & CHB center.
(#Default ->Keep the original settings)
3rd parameter: Extend to the Right from the CHA & CHB center.
(#Default ->Keep the original settings)
(Time Range Format: 50(s, ms, us, ns, ps), Begin, End, #Default)


Power Sequence CSV Settings Format:
Acute power seq excelsetting

1. Sample Rate
2. Memory usage
3. [Channel]: Select Channel
    //Signal:User defined name
4. Trigger settings (When connecting more than 2 MSO devices, ONLY the master(first) MSO is available for trigger settings)
5. //Spec:User Defined Spec No.
    Description:The description for the spec.
    Label Name A(B):Select the Label A & B (Matches the User defined name)
    Type、Min Value、Max Value、Rule:Set up the condition for the measurement. Such as voltage, CHA_RISE_TO_CHB_RISE, timing limits, counters