Parallel Clause Trigger

{Acute} {Acute}

Parallel Clause Trigger

16-States parallel IF Clause settings for 128/64 channel value compare combined with AND/OR logic condition and 4 Timer/Counter conditions.

Parallel Clause Trigger

This feature is only available in LA3000+ series and BusFinder series.

Parallel Clause Trigger is a trigger function for the parallel bus analysis which contains complicated conditions.
Parallel Clause Trigger provides 16 States, 64 Condition Resources and 4 Timer/Counter conditions to help user locate the target waveform, it is also available to set State branch control flow for each IF Clause and decide whether to store waveform or not.

– The trigger state process can be built by various of IF...THEN...ELSE conditions.
– AND/OR conditions can be added to every states.
– Timer & Counter conditions are available to add to each state.
– During Transition Storage Mode, when the conditions are satisfied, it is available to choose save or don't save the waveform.
– Trigger conditions can be saved or loaded.
– Provides commonly used trigger condition templates.

– Support LA3000+ series & BusFinder series 

Parallel Clause Triggers Diagram:
Acute Parallel Clause en 021. Trigger Sample
2. Trigger condition settings
3. Available Resources and Timer/Counter settings
4. Trigger Save/Load

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