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ProfiBus (Process Field Bus) is a pivotal industrial communication protocol widely used in automation control systems. Developed in the late 1980s, it facilitates real-time data exchange between devices like PLCs, DCS, sensors, and actuators. With two main variants, ProfiBus DP and ProfiBus PA, it caters to diverse industrial needs.

Operating within a voltage range of -7V to +12V, ProfiBus utilizes the ProfiBus signal for efficient communication between devices. Its adaptability and reliability make it a cornerstone in industrial automation, enhancing efficiency and flexibility across various sectors.


Channel: Set the ProfiBus Channel

Polarity: Set the polarity Idle high / Idle low

Baud Rate/Auto Detect: Set the baud rate manually or auto detect

MSB First: The default is LSB first; click it to change to MSB first.

Show scale in the waveform: Show the scale in the waveform section


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