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USB 1.1

USB (Universal Serial Bus), developed by a consortium including Intel, Microsoft, and others, evolved from version 1.0 to 1.1 in 1998, with a speed of 12 Mbps. Despite the slower speed, USB 1.1 found widespread use in computer peripherals. Its 5V supply voltage simplified device connections, making it a convenient and universal interface. Despite the 12 Mbps speed, USB 1.1 provided a reliable and widely compatible connection method, laying the foundation for modern USB technology.


Channel: Show the selected channels (D+ CH0 and D- CH1).

USB1.1 Setting: Select USB state (low speed or full speed) and decode the USB standard request & descriptor.

Report Settings

Mark PID: You can mark special color based on the selected PID type the in the report window.

Show Data
: Choose to display 8 or 16 columns of data in the report window.

PID Filter
: You can choose not to display specific data.

Show scale in the waveform
: Display scale on waveform.


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