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Discontinuation of Windows 32-bit Support for Certain Products from 2024 Onward

Starting from the year 2024, Acute will no longer provide Windows 32-bit (x86) versions of certain products, and will exclusively offer Windows 64-bit (x64) versions. If you have a requirement for Windows 32-bit (x86) usage, please contact us. (service@acute.com.tw)

The following is a list of products that will no longer provide Windows 32-bit (x86) software:

Product CategorySeriesModel Numbers
Logic AnalyzersTravelBus
TB1016F, TB1016E, TB1016B, TB1016B+, TB2016F, TB2016E, TB2016B, TB3016F, TB3016E, TB3016B
TL3017E, TL3134E, TL3134B, TL3234B+, TL4134E, TL4134B, TL4234B
LA3068E+, LA3068B+, LA3136E+, LA3136B+, LA3068E, LA3068B, LA3136E, LA3136B
Protocol AnalyzersBusFinderBF6264B, BF7264B, BF7264B+
Mixed Signal OscilloscopesMSOMSO1008E, MSO1116E, MSO2116B, MSO2216B, MSO2216B+
MSO3124E, MSO3124B, MSO3124H, MSO3124V
Digital Waveform GeneratorsTravelData
TD3008E, TD3116B, TD3216B
DG3064B, DG3096B, DG3128B

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