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New LA4000 Logic Analyzer + Protocol Analyzer — Upgraded version of LA3000+

Acute Technology leads the industry with the official launch of its latest masterpiece — the LA4000 Logic Analyzer. This new product inherits the essence of the LA3000+ and undergoes upgrades in multiple aspects, providing a more efficient signal analysis solution. The launch of the LA4000 aims to provide engineers and designers with a more advanced and flexible tool to address the evolving challenges in electronic design and testing.

【Key Features of LA4000】

  • Higher Performance: LA4000 offers powerful timing and state analysis capabilities, reaching 4GHz and 400MHz, respectively, to address complex signal environments.

  • Multi-channel Selection: Various models are available, including 68-channel and 136-channel options.

  • Large Memory Capacity: Equipped with a total of 32Gb memory, facilitating the capture and analysis of large amounts of data.

  • Extensive Communication Protocol Support: Providing decoding for over 100 communication protocols, including signals like I²C, I3C, SPI, and high-speed protocols such as eSPI, eMMC 5.1, NAND Flash, and SPI-NAND.

  • Graphical Multi-condition Trigger Options: 16-States Parallel IF Clause Trigger settings for 128/64 channel value compare combined with AND/OR logic condition and 4 Timer/Counter conditions.

  • Flexible Hardware Trigger Options: With multiple communication protocol trigger options, LA4068B/LA4136B supports SPI, eMMC 4.5, eSPI, NAND Flash, Serial Flash (SPI NAND), allowing users to accurately trigger based on specific conditions.

  • Real-time Data Monitoring: Providing analysis for over 10 communication protocols, hardware decoding, waveform-free, enabling long-term preservation of protocol data.

  • Reliable Signal Quality: LA4000 retains the features of active probes and support for stacked oscilloscopes, ensuring users achieve more efficient and reliable results during testing and analysis.

  • Advanced USB 3.0 Interface: Connected to the PC via USB 3.0 interface, ensuring high-speed data transmission and fast operation.

【LA3000+ vs. LA4000】

  • Higher Performance: Significant improvements in timing and state analysis performance, reaching 4GHz and 400MHz for LA4000, compared to LA3000+’s 2.4GHz and 300MHz, respectively.

  • Channel Upgrade: LA4000 supports more channels for transitional storage, with 32 channels available for timing analysis at 2.4GHz, compared to LA3000+’s 28 channels. Superior performance brings broader data acquisition capabilities, allowing users to comprehensively analyze complex signals and store them for extended periods.

  • Greater Withstand Voltage Capability: LA4000’s maximum non-destructive withstand voltage reaches ±40V, compared to LA3000+’s ±15V. This improvement signifies greater adaptability and a wider range of applications.

  • Wider Input Voltage Range: LA4000 offers a wide input voltage operating range of ±15V, compared to LA3000+’s range of -0.5V to +4.5V. This upgrade ensures LA4000 is able to flexibly adapt to different voltage requirements in various application scenarios.

  • Higher Trigger Voltage Resolution: LA4000’s trigger voltage resolution has been increased to 10mV, compared to LA3000+’s 21mV, allowing users to capture signal variations more accurately.

  • Compatibility with LA3000+: Equipped with a 4G probe, LA4000 offers unique features while maintaining full compatibility with 2.4G probes from LA3000+. Users can seamlessly transition between new and old devices, fully utilizing hardware resources and enhancing convenience and flexibility.

LA4136E/B Device

270 x 175 x 55 (mm³)

LA4068E/B Device

270 x 175 x 55 (mm³)

LA4000 LA-POD2

LA4000 4G-POD

【LA3000+ vs. LA4000】

Product LA3000+ LA4000  
Model LA3068E+, LA3136E+, LA3068B+, LA3136B+ LA4068E, LA4136E, LA4068B, LA4136B
68 (64 data and 4 clock) or
136 (128 data and 8 clock)
68 (64 data and 4 clock) or
136 (128 data and 8 clock)
Timing Analysis 2.4GHz 4GHz
State Analysis 300MHz 400MHz
Transitional Storage Channels for 2.4GHz Timing Analysis 28 ch 32 ch
Probe (LA-POD)
LA-POD [1] LA-POD2 [2] LA4G-POD [2]
Single Probe Channels 32 ch 32 ch 16 ch
Front-End Attenuation Ratio 2X 10X 10X
Input Voltage Impedance 1M || 5pF to 0V 55K || 2pF to ~1V 55K || 2pF to ~1V
Maximum Non-Destructive Withstand Voltage ±15V ±40V ±40V
Input Voltage Operating Range -0.5~+4.5V ±15V ±15V
Input Voltage Sensitivity
~300mV ~300mV
Threshold Range
±15V ±15V
Threshold Resolution 21mV 10mV 10mV
Channel-to-Channel Skew
< 500ps
< 500ps 250ps

[1] For LA3000+ series
[2] For LA4000 series

Optional Probes

Probe LVDS Probe
1*LVDS-Tip, 2*LA09-Tip, 1*LA08-Tip
Tip LVDS LA08 / LA09
Channel Combination 8-Diff 8 Data / 8 Data+1 CLK
Threshold Range - -0.5V~4.8V
Threshold Resolution - 21mV
Threshold Accuracy - ±100mV + 5% *Vth
Maximum Non-Destructive withstand Voltage
-0.5V ~ +4.6V
DC+AC peak
DC+AC peak
Input Voltage Operating Range 0V ~ 3.3V -1V~8V
Input Voltage Sensitivity ~100mV ~300mV
Input Voltage Impedance 75K Ω || 3pF 1MΩ || 5pF

LA4000 LVDS Probe

Whether you are a professional electronics engineer or a testing technician, LA4000 is your ideal choice when facing complex design and testing tasks. Upgrade now and experience the innovation in design and testing brought by LA4000!

Visit LA4000 product page for more information

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