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USB Type C Fixture

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Adaptor for USB3.0 Type-C CC1/CC2, SBU1/SBU2 signals.

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This fixture extracts the PD signal test points CC1, CC2, and DP_Aux from the Type-C port without disrupting the Type-C device, making it convenient for logic analyzer testing.

Item number : AC034

Technical data

1.SBU1 Upstream signal test point
2.SBU1 Downstream signal test point
3.CC1 Upstream signal test point
4.CC1 Downstream signal test point
5.6.Vbus Upstream Voltage test point
7.8.Vbus Downstream Voltage test point
9.CC2 Upstream signal test point
10.CC2 Downstream signal test point
11.SBU2 Upstream signal test point
12.SBU2 Downstream signal test point
13.SBU1 Upstream/Downstream short jumper(position JP6)
14.CC1 Upstream/Downstream short jumper(position JP8)
15.CC2 Upstream/Downstream short jumper(position JP7)
16.SBU2 Upstream/Downstream short jumper(position JP5)
17.Vbus Upstream/Downstream jumper cable (Upstream@JP9, Downstream@JP10)


• USB Power Delivery test point: CC1 (3,4) or CC2 (9,10)
• DP_Aux test point (Aux+/ Aux-): SBU1 (1,2) & SBU2 (11,12)

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