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SVID (Serial VID)

Serial VID (SVID) protocol is for power management and developed by Intel. SVID voltage is between 1.0V to 1.1V, maximum frequency at 26.25MHz and is 3 wires:SCLK/ SDATA/ ALERT.

Logic Analyzer / Protocol Analyzer

Supported Model: TL4234B, MSO2216B, MSO3124H, MSO3124V

Supported version:
SVID Rev 1.95

IMVP7/ VR12.0, VR12.5, VR12.6, VR13(.HC)
IMVP8/ VR12.1,VR13
IMVP9 VR or Psys dev, VR14, VR14 Custom, Reserved
IMVP9.1 or Psys dev, PSys dev,

*Upon request ONLY by users who have signed CNDA with Intel

Recommended Model: MSO3124H, MSO3124V

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