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SD 6.0 Legacy mode / SD(SDIO) 3.0

SDXC (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity) is a new-generation standard for SD cards, which follows the SD 3.0 specification. Under the SD 3.0 specification, low-capacity memory cards still use FAT32, and the maximum speed specified by SD 3.0 is 104MB/s. FAT, FAT32, and Ext2 used by SDHC can still be used in SDXC, and SDXC electronic interface specifications are still compatible with SDHC. SDXC cards can be used with SDHC specification devices, but there are restrictions. SDHC card readers can only support SDXC UHS-I SDR104 speed. High-speed SDXC cards (SD 4.0 specification UHS-II) may not be recognized on SDHC card readers.

– Support SD6.0 Legacy mode / SD3.0 / SDIO 2.0 / SDIO3.0 Trigger、Protocol Analyzer、Bus decodes (According to the optional model)

– 3-Pin Mode:If you only need to analyze the waveform data of CMD and BUSY, 3-Pin Mode will be a good choice. You do not need to connect all the pins in the measurement. You only need to connect the CLK, CMD, and D0 pins to measure the CMD data.

– No Clk Mode:If you need to record the CMD waveform data for a long time, you can ONLY connect CMD pin. Then you can do the CMD analysis with transitional storage.

TravelLogic & MSO series support SD6.0 Legacy mode / SD3.0 / SDIO 2.0 Trigger、Bus decodes (According to the optional model)
– The order to record all data flow from Low Power Mode to High-Speed Mode.
– “Data Filter” filters unwanted data to save memory.
– “Search” searches specific data.
– “CRC Packet” displays and counts CRC
– SD6.0 Legacy mode Command Queue
– Support SDR12、SDR25、SDR50、SDR104、DDR50

This option is supported in BusFinder BF7264B and BF7264B+
– Can display SD6.0 Legacy mode / SD 3.0 protocol packet data in tabular form, including command parsing
– SD6.0 Legacy mode / SD 3.0 command statistics include numbers of packets, individual command, different data length, and errors
– SD6.0 Legacy mode / SD 3.0 command trigger
– SD6.0 Legacy mode Command Queue
– Support SDR12、SDR25、SDR50、SDR104、DDR50、DDR200

*BusFinder provides 3 different kinds of adaptors which you can choose

3-Pin Mode

No Clk Mode

SD 3.0 command statistics (Protocol Analyzer) Diagram

Probe and test object connection diagram

1. For SD or SDIO without pins on the PCB
2. For SD or SDIO with pins on the PCB
3. For SD adaptor
* Suggestion:The bonding wire distance is about 3cm (the shorter the better), and 100~75 ohm resistance can be added for anti-reflection to improve the measurement quality

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