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NAND Flash (Parallel)

NAND Flash is a type of flash memory. NAND Flash has a large capacity and fast rewriting speed. Mainly used to store large amounts of data. NAND Flash is often used in memory cards of digital cameras and MP3 players etc.

– Support Data(I/O) pin: x8, x16
– Support Products: TL4000, LA3000+, BusFinder (Depend on the different models)
– Support Mode: Logic Analyzer Mode, Protocol Analyzer Mode(BusFinder Only)
– Support Various Vendors: Hynix, Intel, Micron, Samsung, ST, Toshiba, Winbond, Macronix, Cypress(Spansion), ONFI, Dosilicon, ESMT, Zetta, GigaDevice, etc. (Also support Custom data)
– Support ONFI 4.1(NV-DDR3)Mode 8 / Toggle DDR 2.0 ~267MHz
– Timing Check (Logic Analyzer Mode Only. It can be enabled in bus decode settings.)

    Decode Settings

    Trigger Settings

    – Use 32Gb RAM as the buffer to stream all NAND Flash data into the SSD HDD to record all data flow from the Low-Speed Mode to the High-Speed Mode.
    – Filtering unwanted data.
    – Searching for specific data.
    – Counting the times of erasing blocks.
    – Statistics of NAND command includes numbers of packets and individual command.

    Display NAND Flash protocol packet in tabular form, including command parsing

    Software Window

    Statistics of NAND command includes numbers of packets

    Individual command

    NAND trigger

    Customize the NAND Command Set

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