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1.0V is our recommended lowest voltage. The TravelLogic is able to measure the Intel 1.0V SVID signal with 0.5V as the threshold voltage.

±30V DC, 12Vpp AC

200M means the highest sample rate (200MHz) under the mode and the number -36 means the number of available channels (36 channels).

No! The TravelLogic signal lead cables are single-ended, only suitable for digital signals.

No! It is too complicated to offer editable columns for IC data in the Serial Flash decode. But, there are some alternatives:
1. Choose a similar IC model in the same Serial Flash brand
2. Send us the datasheet for the IC or lead us to get the datasheet, so we can add it in our list.

No! Under the transitional storage mode, the idle frame is recorded as state/duration (1 or 0 / time), not in data format, so the software is not able to determine the ratio of the memories on both side of the trigger cursor. Hence, it is not possible to move the trigger cursor.

Yes! Plug the trigger cable (MCX-MCX or MCX-BNC cable) to the DSO’s Trig-Out port to the TravelLogic’s Trig-In port, set the TravelLogic as the external trigger mode and the DSO under Single Shot.

It is easy to find the reason that causes your system-under-development shutdown. Please follow the steps below:
1. Set the sample mode as Transitional Storage-8 or Transitional Storage-32.
2. Set the trigger mode as Timeout trigger.
3. Set the timeout time longer the frame’s normal idle time.
4. Start capture.
5. After capture, you will find the signals before the shutdown.

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