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BusFinder Protocol Analyze

• Support SGMII 1Gbps、100Mbps、10Mbps,Ports: TXp、TXn、RXp、RXn、Ref.Clk
• Way Station: 2-Diff(TX / RX) + 1 Ref. CLK ( *Diff=Differential Pair )
• Support MAC & PCS Decode

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– Simultaneously display PCS or GMII protocol packet data in tabular form, including command parsing.
– “Data Filter” & “Idle Filter” filter unwanted data and idle to save memory.
– “Search” searches specific data.
– SGMII PCS & GMII statistics include numbers of packets, individual command, different data length, and errors.
– Support 10Mbps/100Mbps/1000Mbps

SGMII command trigger
a. Trigger parameters include commands and data in order to cover all kinds of packets.
b. GMII & PCS Packet
c. Trigger CRC Error, Frame Error, Propagation Error, Start of Packet, End of Packet, Carrier Extend, Configuration.
d. The Trigger-Out port is to trigger a DSO to capture waveforms

SGMII command trigger- PCS Trigger

SGMII command trigger- GMII Data Trigger

SGMII(PHY) & GMII(MAC) packet analysis data are displayed simultaneously in the report table. The report also contains statistics on packets.

Option Model
Number of Chs
Threshold Range (Data)
Threshold Resolution (Data)
Threshold Accuracy (Data)
Input Voltage Non-destructive Max. (Data)
Input Voltage Operation (Data)
Input Voltage Sensitivity (Data)
Impedance (Data)
Input Voltage Non-destructive Max. (Analog)
Input Voltage Operation (Analog)
Input Voltage Resolution (Analog)
Input Voltage Sampling Rate (Analog)
Impedance (Analog)
[Solution] SGMII

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