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BusFinder Protocol Analyzer

The LA-POD2(32Ch) can be used in any slot. It has 4 LA tips.
• LA4K-tip*2: 8 Data Channel
• LA4K-tip*2: 8 Data Channel + 1 CLK Channel
• Operation Voltage: ±15V
• Timing Analysis: 2.4 GHz

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Logic Analyzer (LA) Mode:
Support eMMC 5.1, NAND Flash, SD 3.0 (SDIO 3.0), Serial Flash (SPI NAND), SPI Protocol trigger & 100+ Protocol decodes

• Capture digital waveforms and support bus decodes. Able to stack with a DSO to form as an MSO.

• Provides multiple storage modes, users could select to have long time recording or precision acquisition.

• Long Time Record: Transitional Storage VS Compressed Storage

For signal capture and analysis, usually require to record the signal for a long time. If the data is stored in a compressed way, it will cause your software to lag or even stop functioning when decompressing the data after it is sent back to the computer. Because PC memory size might insufficient for decompressed data size. To satisfy the requirement of smooth software operation and long-term recording without missing any data, the storage method adopted by the Acute analyzer is transitional storage rather than compression. After returning to the PC software, it doesn"t need to do the decompression. The decoded results can be displayed while the analysis is finished.

    Parallel Clause Triggers
    16-States parallel IF Clause settings for 128/64 channel value compare combined with AND/OR logic condition and 4 Timer/Counter conditions.

    Flow chart bus triggers

    Power trigger for serial bus, 8-states flow chart setting with Counter/Timer

    Detail parameters for each states

    Stack With Other Vendors of Oscilloscope

    Add Notes & Pictures in Waveform

    Protocol Analyzer (PA) Mode
    It is hardware decoding, may log protocol data very long time if without waveforms. Application timing: Preliminary protocol debug.

    Protocol Analyzer
    Show real-time protocol data.
    Application timing: massive protocol data with some idles in between.

    Protocol Logger
    Like data logger, save massive data into SSD hard drive.
    Application timing: massive protocol data.

    Protocol Monitor
    Like dash cameras, record protocol data by the device’s memory only.
    Application timing: trigger event only happens in very long time.

    Option Model
    Number of Chs
    8 / 8+1 (Data+CLK)
    Threshold Range (Data)
    Threshold Resolution (Data)
    Threshold Accuracy (Data)
    ±100mV + 5% *Vth
    Input Voltage Non-destructive Max. (Data)
    ±40V DC+AC peak
    Input Voltage Operation (Data)
    Input Voltage Sensitivity (Data)
    Impedance (Data)
    ~55KΩ || <2pF to 1Vdc
    Input Voltage Non-destructive Max. (Analog)
    Input Voltage Operation (Analog)
    Input Voltage Resolution (Analog)
    Input Voltage Sampling Rate (Analog)
    Impedance (Analog)

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