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BusFinder Protocol Analyzer

• MIPI CSI & DSI Decode
• Way Station: 5-Diff (CLK, D0, D1, D2, D3) ( *Diff=Differential Pair )
• Support D-PHY V1.2 (Up to 2.0Gbps per Lane,1+4 Lanes)
• DSI CSI Display: Includes RGB、YCbCr、RAW and Compressed Packet(DSC)
• Porch Statistics

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– Supports D-PHY V1.2, Up to 2.0Gbps per lane, 1 + 4 Lanes
– Display the CSI-2 1.3 or DSI 1.3 packet data in table, Includes DCS 1.3 command analysis for DSI
– Fully capture the data from Low Power Mode Initialize to High Speed Mode process
– Supports Data Filter for ignore unnecessary image data to reduce memory
– Supports Data Search function
– Supports ECC/CRC Packet Error counting and display
– Display DSI(CSI) image data including RGB, YCbCr, RAW format or compressed DSC packets, and count the Porch from raw data.
– D-PHY command statistics include numbers of packets, individual command, different data length, and errors.
– TE (Tearing Effect) Channel Detection


BusFinder with MIPI D-PHY Solution ( Way station and other components). Supports MIPI D-PHY 1.2

CSI-2 1.3 or DSI 1.3 protocol packets displayed as below with the DSI DCS 1.3 commands

Display DSI(CSI) image data 

Porch from raw data

D-PHY command statistics include numbers of packets

Option Model
Number of Chs
Threshold Range (Data)
Threshold Resolution (Data)
Threshold Accuracy (Data)
Input Voltage Non-destructive Max. (Data)
Input Voltage Operation (Data)
0 ~ 5V
Input Voltage Sensitivity (Data)
Impedance (Data)
1kΩ || (500+1pF)
Input Voltage Non-destructive Max. (Analog)
Input Voltage Operation (Analog)
Input Voltage Resolution (Analog)
Input Voltage Sampling Rate (Analog)
Impedance (Analog)
[Solution]MIPI D-PHY

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