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BusFinder Protocol Analyzer

LVDS Probe can be applied to logic signal and low voltage differential signal (LVDS) measureme.
• Threshold:NA (LVDS P/N reference)
• Non-destructive:-0.5V ~ +4.6V
• Operation Voltage:0~3.3V
• Sensitivity=100mV
• Impedance:100kohm || 2pF
• Data rate:500Mbps(250MHz)
• Vid-min:150mV
• Vic (Common):0+Vid/2 ~ 3.3-Vid/2

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LVDS Probe is only for LA4000/3000 series & BusFinder series. LVDS Probe can be applied to logic signal and low voltage differential signal(LVDS) measurement.

• LA08/09 Tip: Digital signal input channel. It contains 2 LA09-tip & 1 LA08-tip for single-ended signal measurement.

• LVDS Tip: Low voltage differential signal input channel. It contains 8 pairs of differential signals in the LVDS-tip

LVDS, as a commonly used high-speed data transmission standard, requires dedicated probing tools for signal analysis and measurement. It finds extensive applications in high-speed data transmission systems, image processing, industrial automation, and other fields.

Signal Compatibility:
LVDS logic analyzer probes should exhibit good signal compatibility, capable of adapting to different types and standards of LVDS signals.

Measurement Range:
The probes should cover the typical LVDS signal range, including the general voltage range of 200 mV to 1200 mV, to ensure accurate measurements.

Excellent Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR):
The probes should have excellent CMRR to reduce the impact of common mode interference on measurements, ensuring precise signal analysis.

Differential Acquisition Capability:
The probes should effectively capture LVDS differential signals, maintaining signal integrity and reducing signal distortion.

Low Interference and Noise:
The probes should possess outstanding interference resistance, minimizing external interference and noise"s impact on measurements.

Specifications are as follows:
• Threshold:NA (LVDS P/N reference)
• Input Voltage:Max=0~3.3V
• Sensitivity=100mV
• Impedance:75kohm || 3pF
• Data rate:500Mbps (Same as LA-probe)

    Option Model
    LVDS Probe
    Number of Chs
    Threshold Range (Data)
    Threshold Resolution (Data)
    Threshold Accuracy (Data)
    Input Voltage Non-destructive Max. (Data)
    -0.5V ~ +4.6V DC+AC peak
    Input Voltage Operation (Data)
    0V ~ 3.3V
    Input Voltage Sensitivity (Data)
    Impedance (Data)
    75K Ω || 3pF
    Input Voltage Non-destructive Max. (Analog)
    Input Voltage Operation (Analog)
    Input Voltage Resolution (Analog)
    Input Voltage Sampling Rate (Analog)
    Impedance (Analog)

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