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DP AUX (DisplayPort)

The DP Aux Ch is to detect the link, configuration, and status of the Display Port source. The Display Port is the digital display interface that is specified in the VESA standard.

Logic Analyzer / Protocol Analyzer

Supported Models: TB3000, TL4000, MSO2000, MSO3000

– Support DP Aux Trigger / Bus Decode / Protocol Analyzer Mode

Acute‘s analyzer is able to measure DP_AUX channel accurately with a comprehensive DPCD bit resolution. This feature helps reduce debugging time and allows simultaneous observation of analog and digital signals by stacking the oscilloscope.

DSO waveform: Not suitable for general Logic Analyzer measurement.


Channel: Set the channel to decode

Show DPCD: Show the Display Port Configuration data.

Mode: Choose the mode DP_Aux/HPD/PWR

Startup transaction: Set the transaction type of the first frame

Reply Timeout: Set the value of timeout

Analyzer Diagram:

Recommended Model:



Measure DPAux differential signals using TravelBus (TB3000 series)

Acute MSO2000 with DP_Aux adapter

DP_Aux adapter

Cascade multiple DP Aux adapters:

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