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Octal mode (8 data I/O) Serial NOR Flash

Due to the rise of smart vehicles, the automotive electronics requires NOR Flash for safer storage and faster data transmitting in vehicle systems. Various NOR Flash manufacturers have launched high-speed Octal NOR Flash to satisfy needs.
In order to make the development and debugging in automotive industry possible, the upgrade of Octal mode NOR Flash bus decode and trigger for our logic analyzers seems inevitable. Hence, we have upgraded our LA3000+ series (now replaced by LA4000 series) and BusFinder series logic analyzer to support the Octal mode NOR Flash for free. These models have high sampling rate and deep memory to log as much data as engineers need.

    Logic Analyzer & Protocol Analyzer

    -Supports protocol decode, trigger, protocol analyzer mode
    -Supported Models: LA4068BLA4136B

    Recommended Model: LA4068B


    Channel: Show the selected channels (CH0 – CH5)

    Select the Serial Flash device type, tCLQV and tSHSL.

    QPI mode:
    Quad Peripheral Interface Mode/Quad SPI Mode

    4-Byte mode:
    4-Byte Address Mode

    PEM mode:
    Performance Enhance Mode

    Dummy Cycles:
    Clock buffers between read command and data.

    Wrap Around:
    Wrap number

    QE bit:
    Enable or disable the QPI mode.

    Decode SI Only:
    Single mode, 3-wire → CS#, SCLK, SI.

    Decode Single Mode Only:
    Single mode, 4-wire → CS, Clock, SI, SO.

    The LA viewer will choose 4-wire or 6-wire to analyze according to the Serial Flash device type.

    Channel: Select channels.

    CS# Glitch Trigger: Trigger the glitch on CS# channel.

    tSHSL / tCLQV: Set tSHSL / tCLQV.

    Clause Trigger: Please reference Clause Trigger chapter.

    State: Show the details of trigger condition in every state as left side; typing or selecting the trigger values in the Command, Address and Data fields, default value is XX means “don’t care”.

    Provided the Single / Dual / Quad / Octal mode

    Serial Flash 8 I/O decode

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