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Serial Flash (SPI Flash)

Serial Flash is a small, low-power flash memory that uses SPI serial interface for serial data access. When used in embedded products, the wires required on the PCB are faster than Parallel. There is less flash memory, which can save space on the PCB, make the volume small, and reduce the cost of the application system. Serial Flash has a wide range of applications, such as BIOS chips for motherboards and graphics cards, etc., used in various personal computers and consumer electronic products, including PC, NB, LCD TV, Set-Top Box (STB), digital TV, portable Products, Netcom and other fields.

NOR Flash Solution
1. Support Type: Single, Dual, Quad, Octal mode
2. Support Products: TL4000, MSO2000, LA3000+, BusFinder (Depend on the different models)
3. Support Mode: Logic Analyzer Mode
4. Support Various Vendors: Atmel, Boya, Dosilicon, ESMT(EON), GigaDevice, ISSI, Macronix, Microchip(SST), Micron, Puyasemi, Spansion, ST, Winbond, XMC, XTX, Zetta, etc.

SPI NAND Flash Solution
1. Support Products: TL4000, MSO2000, LA3000+, BusFinder (Depend on the different models)
2. Support Mode: Logic Analyzer Mode
3. Support Various Vendors: Micron, Winbond, Macronix, GigaDevice Xtxtech (Paragon), Fudan, ESMT, Dosilicon, ZettaDevice, etc.

CS#: Chip select

SCLK: Clock

SIO0 – SIO3: Data

Start up reading mode: The initial setting of the reading mode for the decoder.

Command deselect time: The minimum required time for #CS deselecting. Clock LOW to output valid: The data probe time after clock falling.

Channel: Select channels.

CS# Glitch Trigger: Trigger the glitch on CS# channel.


Clause Trigger: Please reference Clause Trigger chapter.

State: Show the details of trigger condition in every state as left side; typing or selecting the trigger values in the Command, Address and Data fields, default value is XX means “don’t care”.

Provided the Single / Dual / Quad / Octal mode

Serial Flash (SPI Flash) Decode

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